Malaysia’s Beauty Device Industry

Malaysia’s Beauty Device Industry
The beauty device industry is an industry that manufactures a variety of products used in
cosmetic procedures ipl hair removal device. The devices can be used for hair, skin, or eye care and are often
performed in outpatient settings in salons, dermatology clinics, and cosmetic centers. The
growth of the beauty device industry is expected to continue to be buoyed by growing consumer
interest in health and aesthetics. The growing concern over aesthetics among men will drive
sales of skin-care devices. In recent years, established beauty companies have adapted their
advertising and promotional strategies to reflect their changing image as well as their changing
physical power.

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The report analyzes the market by type, application, portability, end user, and distribution
channel. It identifies key players in the market and provides a competitive landscape and
industry size insights The report provides a regional analysis of the market, including the impact
of the latest technological developments. In addition, it identifies emerging revenue pockets for
companies and analyzes the impact of regional economic conditions. The report also provides
an overview of the global beauty device market, as well as detailed regional statistics.
The beauty device industry is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the forecast period,
as a growing geriatric population and increasing awareness about the technology behind these
devices are boosting demand for beauty products in this region. As an example, the COVID-19
pandemic sparked fierce competition among companies in the region, and the availability of less
expensive alternatives is allowing more consumers to invest in beauty devices. The beauty
device industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15 percent over the next ten years.
The Malaysian cosmetic regulatory requirements are similar to those of other ASEAN countries.
Applicants must submit artwork for the final product and a disclaimer regarding animal-derived
ingredients. Labeling can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia. Foreign companies may find it
difficult to register a local company in Malaysia because of the strict regulatory environment in
the country. To comply with local laws and regulations, foreign companies should designate a
local partner or distributor.

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As the beauty trend continues to evolve, manufacturers of beauty devices are creating more
sophisticated products. The age-defying LumiSpa is one example of a breakthrough device in
the beauty device industry. Developed by Nu Skin Enterprises Inc., it uses microcurrent
waveforms and variable pulse technology. It has been widely accepted as a new tool for
skincare. Consumers should be aware of the advancements in the industry to make the market
even more competitive.
The energy-based aesthetic device market is also expected to witness significant growth over
the forecast period. With a rising per capita income, the number of cosmetic procedures and
health screenings is expected to grow. With the rising awareness of the benefits of aesthetic
devices, more companies are investing in research and development in the region. Some
companies in the beauty device industry in Malaysia include Alma Lasers GmbH, Cynosure, Inc.,
Solta Medical, Inc., and Applied Biomedical Technologies.

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